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Making Money By Sticking It to the Man—

Over salads in Palo Alto, a friend and I started talking about online business models. As two serial entrepreneurs (he founded LinkedIn, among others), this is a favorite topic.

I’ve used for years. They provide a great service–scheduling and hosting conference calls.  It’s easy to use, and 100% free. But recently I’ve been asking myself: How exactly do they make money?

I’ve become so accustomed to free services through the internet, that I tend not to think about them much. Most are either advertising-supported, or they try to upsell you on premium services. But I noticed that has very little advertising, and never seems to be trying to sell me additional services. So that left me wondering: how exactly do they make money?

Fortunately, my friend had led a company in a related space. So he was happy to explain.

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